So how exactly does Local Search Engine Optimization Work?

How your business is listed online matters

So let’s say Bill is looking for a garage in Montreal, for example. When Bill looks up a garage on search engine “X”, he finds wrong phone numbers, sites that can’t easily be navigated and quickly becomes frustrated. However, if Bill were to search on Google he would statistically be more likely to find accurate information than any other search engine. How does Google do it? According to Net Market Share the global marketing share percentage, in terms of the use of Search Engines heavily favored Google throughout 2017 – averaging a net share of 74.54%. Google also dominated for mobile devices, holding more than 90% market share.
In 2017 mobile accounts for 50.3% of all web traffic generated worldwide!

When Google chooses what businesses to show first in response to a keyword search it considers almost everything that business has showing up online. In this competitive market, all it takes is a few listings with bad information to leave your company dead last in search results and not get very much from your online presence. We make sure your entire online footprint is accurate and uniform in a way that pushes you up in search results as a more relevant option within Google search.

Laptop with Google open on a table outside

Content Marketing is a large part of our strategy

Writing valuable content that increases the value of search users experience when they reach your business online is not easy! Search engines are great at evaluating the content you put out. If your content is just spam with a variety of keywords crammed in, it won’t help you and may actually hurt your rankings. We have highly qualified in-house content writers that assist your business in reaching the right people at the right time. We also make use of a strategic partnership we have with the best Professional Videographers in Montreal to provide you with the highest quality content possible.

Reap what you sow!

Our most successful clients send in service descriptions, photos, content, and are actively involved in their online marketing succeeding for their business. We may be fantastic at what we do, but we are not magicians. There are things your business needs like reviews, which we simply can’t do for you. If you want your business to succeed in the competitive online market, we are the company for you. We provide amazing tech, guidance, and results that your business can thrive on, but you have to be involved in your growth or your results simply won’t be as wonderful as they should be.

Local Search Engine Optimization is Great

There are a few things you can do to make your business more visible while working within the terms of use of popular search engines. We’re well versed marketers with countless hours of research and experience to be the best at what we do. You can accomplish much of what we do yourself if you were to do the same. One side of what our services offer are putting in the hours and getting the work done. On the flip-side, we do have overhead that we pay for various subscriptions or software based solutions that help. Without further ado, what makes our local search engine optimization services the best in the industry?

Understanding Local SEO is even Better!

Local SEO is effective way to perform targeted marketing online. It helps your business promote products and services to local customers. We use a variety of strategies to optimizing everything for mobile, without sacrificing the quality of our non-mobile work. “Be mobile or be gone!” was the gauntlet thrown down by Google over two years ago yet we still come across companies with a website that is not mobile friendly.
We are the solution!